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Here are the Films on the DVD;

Titles                                           Location              Year      Running Time 

The Agrijeep Film                       New Hudson, MI      Oct.1944      00:09:09:24
The CJ2-25 X 49 Film                   Across The U.S.A.          1945     00:03:11:08
The Universal Jeep                      New Hudson, MI             1945    00:22:38:07
The CJ-2A Film                            New Hudson, MI             1945    00:11:28:11 
The Saga Of The Jeep                                                      1943    00:01:12:18
The Jeep In War And Peace                                               1943    00:02:17:28
The Jeep Tomorrow                       New Hudson, MI           1945     00:02:17:28
Daron Wanberg                         3DI Denver, CO                 2002      00:04:37:23
A Word From Producer 
Fred Coldwell                                  Denver, CO                 2002      00:15:01:11

Here is what is on the back of the DVD;

Over a three year period of time, Daron Wanberg has searched for early civilian Jeep films, found them,with the help of Fred Coldwell, finding two of the rarest Jeep films found to date, preserved, authored and then mastered this DVD that will last for generations. This DVD includes rare fantastic Preproduction Civilian Jeep Films from 1944 and 1945 showing the first civilian Jeeps made by Willys-Overland (WO). There are three very rare films that have just been found and have not been seen in 58 years. You will see the most rare civilian Jeep film and possibly the rarest Jeep film found to date called "The AGRIJEEP Film" which was shot in New Hudson, MI, at Charles Sorenson's private farm. Also included is new footage produced and shot by Daron Wanberg, the author of the DVD, shot in New Hudson, MI, in June of 2002, after the Willys Reunion, which shows the stone house and the church that appears in "The AGRIJEEP Film". "The AGRIJEEP Film" was found by Fred Coldwell in the winter of 2002. It is the rarest film because it is the original 35mm fine grain negative master film which was made in October of 1944. It is also the very first civilian Jeep promotional film made. It had no audio and I believe was never meant to be seen by the public but was shown to the board members at WO so they could see the Jeep in action on performing agricultural and industrial work. The other film, "The CJ-2A Film", Fred Coldwell found was truly a fantastic find. It is the original 35mm nitrate camera master film which was in the camera the day it was shot in 1945 in New Hudson, Michigan. This film is on this DVD in its unedited form with no audio. Also, you will see a color film that has not been seen in 58 years starring Jeep CJ2-25 (X49) which is the 25th civilian Jeep made in 1945 and was found by Daron Wanberg in December of 2001. An incredible find and is just as rare as The CJ2 Film. One other film on this DVD is "The Universal Jeep" which was made by Wilding Picture Productions, Inc. for Willys-Overland in 1945. It is the first true promotional Jeep film seen by the public in 1945. There are several others films on this one of a kind DVD with the original films about Preproduction Civilian Jeeps made in 1944 and 1945.