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                "The Preproduction Civilian Jeep Films" DVD

Copyright 2002 by 3D Imagery, Inc and Vintimage, Inc.

AGRIJEEP is a registered trademark of Daron Wanberg

Has Been Authored and Mastered and is  Now For Sale

It is Spectacular!!

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email Daron Wanberg or Fred Coldwell for ordering or  

Call 303-989-4557 for credit card orders or 

mail payment to:

3D Imagery, Inc. P.O. Box 27645 Denver, Colorado 80227

They are Just $25 plus S&H Priority $3.85 Visa/Master Charge accepted

Check Out Our Jeep History, Our Jeep Heritage!!

All proceeds go to the cost of the preservation of the films.

Preservation cost thousands of dollars but is now done and will help these films last for generations.

Thank you for helping save a great piece of History by purchasing your DVD today!

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Email Daron Wanberg for ordering or call 303-989-4557


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