1944 Agri Jeep CJ2-14

1944 Agri Jeep
1944 CJ2-14 serial number 14

This is one of several known 1944 CJ-2 Agrijeeps to have survived of the twenty that where built.  There were another twenty second series pilot model CJ-2 built after that and then the production CJ-2A models where built starting on July 18th 1945. One interesting note is that of the ones that have survived only two have an actual data plate that says Agrijeep which are CJ2-09 owned by Fred Caldwell and CJ2-14 by Daron Wanberg and they are both in Colorado. The Agrijeep data plates were tossed and replaced with the Willys data plate.

I bought CJ2-14 in 2001 and it finally rolled out of the garage with its new restored rolling chassis. See picture below of the new chassis.

Click on picture to supper size it.

14 chassis WS.jpg (394066 bytes)

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