47 early (serial# 98996)

CJ-2A 1947
1947 serial number 98996

"Industrial"  "Cutter"

This one has a twin stick rear and front PTO with a belt pulley drive. I am looking for the Koenig front winch. Also has an overdrive which makes a total of six gear shifters. Has cut wood with buzz saw with rear belt pulley drive. It is pretty but this 2A is not afraid to work or climb over Colorado mountain passes. Totally restored Black with orange stripe on wheels. Pulling a black Bantam BT3-C trailer. Has won three blue ribbons at Cider Days and two trophies for overall truck at a big car show in Denver. This 2A pulled 118% of its weight at the tractor pulls and smoked the tractor competition. These 2A's were rated at only pulling 80% of their weight. Has a black Bantam trailer.

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