49 farms Jeep

SN 224206

1949 Late Farm Jeep

To be a true "Late Farm Jeep" I am in the process and would like to find a late 49 with Willy’s frame and body with a front counter weight and a Monroe three point Hitch or a GE 12.5 kv generator setup. This will be my late CJ-2A "Farm Jeep" with a Monroe three point lift (I am still working on the lift) and a possible generator. This will be Michigan Yellow with red wheels.  

1949 2a front.jpg (25852 bytes) 1949 2a.jpg (30469 bytes) 49 2A pass side.jpg (24625 bytes)

49 2A rear 2.jpg (28995 bytes) 49 2a rear.jpg (26696 bytes) 49 2A inside.jpg (26437 bytes)

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